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Until now, product development engineers have not had a simulation tool to easily predict where water could accidently flow inside the products they are developing. Problems are discovered once prototypes are made
and assembled, and as everyone in the product development business knows, that is very late in the game.
The discovered problems are financially costly to correct and have a damaging impact on schedules and plans, often resulting in delaying the start of production. Simply the product developer has been in the dark where the risk of failure is high.
But today, Parametric Geometry Solutions introduces StreamWay Path™ to the development engineering community. StreamWay Path™ is a new, powerful, but easy to use, simulation software program which provides near instant visualization of the probable paths water can take when it is introduced into an assembly.


StreamWay is a fluid simulation/dynamics program which serves the purpose of simulating the behaviour of fluids on virtual 3D objects. StreamWay is the first developed computer software by Parametric Geometry Solutions (PGS). PGS is affiliated with Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC) and PGS´s StreamWay is a plugin to PTC´s PTC Creo computer-aided design (CAD) software. The purpose of StreamWay is to give the engineers using PTC Creo, an opportunity to simulate the physical interaction of their constructed 3D geometry structure with a liquid. Such a simulation gives the engineers the possibility to analyse and evaluate their 3D geometry structure for leakages and accessibility to liquid when exposed. Such an evaluation can lead to detection and error elimination within the engineered 3D geometry structure, before the desired product deduced from this designed structure gets into production line.

StreamWay aims to be a Swiss Army knife for engineers who are developing products with water in mind. The simulation software is simple to use, accessible and providing a lot of answers to important questions relating to water interaction of a designed 3D structure and a liquid. This software is not a wind aero tunnel simulation for automotive purposes, nor a simulation of a fluid inside a pump. This software does not focus on classical problems like pumps or and aero. The StreamWay software rather keeps it simple and lets only the fluid flow on every designed 3D geometry structure.

Our StreamWay software is a product based on our innovative CFFD technology. Our software limits itself only on down-to-earth applications and tries to be most profitable for engineers working with CAD. But not only the user himself should profit from the StreamWay software, but also his whole company which decides after verification with StreamWay, whether to set the designed 3D model into production line or not.
StreamWay is really small software at the moment. Right now we are at the development of the first product from StreamWay family. We plan to invest in development of CFFD, which is the basic working engine of StreamWay. In the next steps, we hope that we are going to add new engineering features into our StreamWay software pretty soon.

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