We will measure properties of liquid-solid interface in our laboratory and deliver data
use with StreamWay in following procedure:

Parametric  Geometry  Solutions Parametric Geometry Solutions offers a laboratory service to provide data used inside StreamWay simulation software. We will research your material so that you can more accurately visualize water pathways in StreamWay.

Provide us sample of your material


Use your material data

Bring us a material sample
which should be researched
with aim of StreamWay integration

We will perform research
of your material and create
material settings file for you

You are ready to start!

You will receive a file with coeffcients such as surface tension, contact angle, friction coeffcient which you could use inside StreamWay. Assigning additional values to materials will enhance StreamWay simulation.

Get your material file

Take material data file,
put it inside StreamWay assembly,
select surface

Enjoy simulation
on your geometry in Creo


Carbon fibres







CNC milling and metallurgy background

Parametric Geometry Solutions has started in providing software for CNC milling technology. You can find a periodic table which presents influence of water onto a surface.

We are demonstrating applications in metal alloys coatings to selected elements. This knowledge is our legacy in metallurgy and milling collected over the initial period of the company. And right now we want to expand coating concept onto
new area: liquid-solid interface.

floor panels
terrace boards
wooden platforms
wooden stairs

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