From engineers to engineers

Parametric  Geometry  Solutions  is  a  very  young  company. We  want  to  serve  others  by  providing  different approach to fluid  dynamics  and software  development  services in CAD/CAM. Being  young and  innovative  is our asset. Our civilization is changing, our lifestyle is changing and therefore engineering is evaluating. Our mission is to step inside that changing environment and help in transformation from past to future. As a big company you have to listen to young  people  and you have to believe them. Young  companies  form a very important  layer of delivering  important  smaller and  innovative tools to the market. Parametric  Geometry Solutions has a great  track  of established  partnerships  with  world  leaders. We have  been recognized  as PTC Advantage partner. We  started by providing  software  development  services to medium size CAD/CAM software to whom we also helped in international expansion. We are consulting CAM technologies, coordinating sales and technical support for customers. We will be always trying to contribute to civilization with our service, our product and perspective.

Innovations for engineers
We  made a giant  journey in engineering  from  pictures in caves, then  reliefs  presenting  way  of  engineering, through another major step what was: designing by cross-sections to end up with design of free-form surfaces in 20th century.  However, it appeared so often in modern engineering that we were failing in delivering our plans due to software limitations. Parametric Geometry Solutions was always listening to engineers. We started from development of software in CNC machining where we learned that software has to listen to engineers. We used the same concept while developing StreamWay: innovation designed for engineers. We value clear understandable concepts and perspective of engineers. We are adjusting computational science to the need of contemporary engineers.

Products of modern civilization are result of computations of approximated mathematical model of physics. In both technologies (CAD/CAM and CFFD) we are developing tools which allow a user to minimize the split between nature and artificial products of people. Parametric Geometry Solutions wants to contribute to greener, more environmentally friendly products and deliver a new level of harmony between world of artificial products and nature.

Digital engineering
We delivered a CNC simulation at Hannover Emo 2013, delivered polynomial rootfinder for EDM, spent years on supervision of CAM libraries, spent a few years on development of CAM system. Now we are a team and every one of us has different and deep engineering background covering sheet metal forming, CAD software development, chemistry, electronics and many more. We have experienced a lot of digital engineering problems prior to development of our first public product - StreamWay.

Corporate standards
Our current civilization has been built on institutions and regulations. We would like to facilitate engineering by better prototyping and accelerated fulfillment of standards. We want to help in development of engineering products in bigger companies. Corporate organizations are from inside of our principal interests. StreamWay   is attached to PTC's Creo Parametric because this is the best way to create value for corporate engineering companies, with substantial amount of employees and wide internal HR structures.

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